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Usually when parents file for divorce or legal separation, one of the most contested issues between them, is child support. Since child support payments determine how well a child will be provided for, both the custodial and noncustodial parent need to know how child support payments will be calculated in Illinois.

For the most part, child support payments are calculated based on a number of factors including the income of both parents and other expenses related to the child's needs, such as medical, dental, and daycare. Usually the noncustodial parent will be assigned a certain percentage to pay based on how many children are in the family:

  • One child—20% income
  • Two children—28% income
  • Three children—32% income

At Stock, Carlson, Oldfield and McGrath LLC, our attorneys understand there are a variety of complex disputes that occur in a divorce, especially where children are concerned. Not only are there issues involving child support, but disputes over custody and visitation rights and possible questions about paternity, may also add to the frustration regarding child support.

Legal Representation for Child Support Modifications

With over 40 years of experience representing families throughout DuPage County and in cities throughout northern Illinois, including Chicago, our attorneys have taken on numerous cases relating to family law disputes over child support. We are trained in mediation and as with any complication that may occur during a divorce proceeding, we are highly skilled litigators as well.

If changes to income should happen, due to loss of employment or if there's a significant increase in one parent's wages, Stock, Carlson, Oldfield and McGrath LLC, will work as a team to handle any petition for modifications necessary, so that the changes to your child support order will continue to justly benefit your needs and reflect the wishes of your family and child's needs.

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